FB Series

The largest of the electric forklifts , the FB Series has a larger load capacity with standard fully hydraulic power steering as standard.

Product Features

  • Electric-powered counterbalance four wheel forklifts
  • Load capacity range : From 1.0 ton to 3.5 ton (Load center : 500mm)
  • Power source : Electric-powered motor
  • The model line-up includes high power models.
  • AC motors used for drive and load handling functions.
  • Multifunctional LCD meter panel shows power consumption rate and remaing battery time. The panel has the following functions: Password entry, speed limiter (option), load meter (option), etc.
  • Fully-hydraulic Orbitrol power steering as standard. Electrical power steering (EPS) available as an option.
  • The major truck specifications are shown as follows:
ModelLoad CapacityLoad CenterOverall WidthOverall LengthOverhead Guard Height 
1.0 TON1000 kg500 mm1070 mm1955 mm2080 mmEnquire
1.5 TON1500 kg500 mm1070 mm1955 mm2080 mmEnquire
1.75 TON1750 kg500 mm1070 mm2055 mm2080 mmEnquire
2.0 TON2000 kg500 mm1150 mm2245 mm2125 mmEnquire
2.5 TON Standard2500 kg500 mm1150 mm2285 mm2125 mmEnquire
2.5 TON High Capacity2500 kg500 mm1150 mm2390 mm2250 mmEnquire
2.5 TON VAN2500 kg500 mm1150 mm2390 mm2100 mmEnquire
3.0 TON Standard3000 kg500 mm1225 mm2510 mm2190 mmEnquire
3.0 TON VAN3000 kg500 mm1225 mm2510 mm2100 mmEnquire
3.5 TON3500 kg500 mm1360 mm2735 mm2190 mmEnquire
FB Series