Fleet Management

The benefit of fleet management is that we manage your total material handling needs by covering the machines maintenance and replacement. We provide comprehensive site appraisals and detailed unit analysis to give you a customised overview of the equipment you need and in what quantity to maximise productivity.

In addition we manage and provide regular reports for KPI’s and details that include:

  • How you are utilising the equipment
  • Hourly fleet expenses
  • Excess hours
  • Tyre usage and costs
  • Telematic tracking options

Forklift Solutions has partnered with Global Equipment Monitoring (GEM) to provide industry-leading industrial equipment monitoring solutions.

The key benefits of fleet management include:

  • Fleet management plans cover the entire cost of the use of a new forklift and includes all future repairs and maintenance for the length of the contract.
  • It is 100% tax deductible.
  • Ownership of a machine contributes nothing to your profit and rarely contributes to capital gain. - Utilisation creates profit, not ownership.
  • It provides an accurate measurement of the value of the service of the equipment.
  • Fleet Management is a commitment but is not required to be shown as a liability in your company’s financial statement – it offers 100% financing.
  • Fleet Management aids corporate budget planning. Plans are tailored to your contract or particular operational requirements.
  • We can provide complete fleet changeover to new equipment with your existing fleet being purchased by us at market value.

In summary, Fleet Management is utilised in most instances by companies because it is less costly than using your own or borrowed funds. As a result it preserves working capital, gives greater budget control, less management and administration involvement and ensures correct servicing with increased productivity.