Lease options

Leasing offers similar advantages to renting, but can be the better option if you need extra trucks for longer periods of time, or if you don’t simply have the funds to buy new trucks right now. You can think of it as an alternative to ownership, which may not involve the tied-up capital that buying can bring.

Leasing can also offer extra security, since they are often associated with a service contract. However, since you're still not the full owner, you may not be able to make major modifications, and what you pay may vary, depending on what you use the truck for and how often you use it.


  • Better for longer periods
  • Similarities to ownership
  • Better prices available over short term Hire
  • No large capital outlay
  • Fully maintained


  • You can’t modify the Forklift
  • You are still not the full owner
  • Prices may vary based on what the Forklift is used for