1F5 Series

The 1F5 Series offers all the benefits expected from a UniCarriers Forklift - outstanding fuel economy, proven reliability and greater operator comfort. The 1F5 Series is for those companies needing a forklift that has proven itself in tough environmental conditions.

Product Features

  • IC engine-powered counterbalance forklifts
  • Load capacity range : From 3.5 ton - 5.0 ton (Load center : 600mm)
  • Power source : Gasoline engine (TB45) and diesel engine (Mitsubishi S6S)
  • The diesel models equipped with low-vibration, low-cost S6S engine which has the equivalent performance to comply the Tier 2 emission requirements.
  • The major truck specifications are shown as follows: (Overall length does not include fork length.)
ModelEngineTransmissionLoad CapacityLoad CenterOverall WidthOverall LengthOverhead Guard HeightOperating Aisle Width 
D1F5F35US6S DieselAutomatic3500 kg600 mm1480 mm3085 mm2230 mm4305 mmEnquire
D1F5F45US6S DieselAutomatic4500 kg600 mm1480 mm3215 mm2230 mm4785 mmEnquire
D1F5F50US6S DieselAutomatic5000 kg600 mm1480 mm3415 mm2230 mm5040 mmEnquire
J1F5F35UTB45 GasolineAutomatic3500 kg600 mm1480 mm3080 mm2250 mm4305 mmEnquire
J1F5F40UTB45 GasolineAutomatic4000 kg600 mm1480 mm3110 mm2250 mm4715 mmEnquire
J1F5F45UTB45 GasolineAutomatic4500 kg600 mm1480 mm3190 mm2250 mm4785 mmEnquire
J1F5F50UTB45 GasolineAutomatic5000 kg600 mm1480 mm3390 mm2250 mm5040 mmEnquire
1F5 Series