RX Series Stand-up

State of the art stand up forklifts that are stable, operator friendly and perfect for narrow aisles in any warehouse space.

Product Features

  • Pedal with a presence switch
  • Soft Landing System
  • Rigid monocoque frame for greater durability
  • Operator friendly steering wheel and levers
  • Antiroll back system
  • Easy to read display
  • Auto power-off system
  • Eco Switch with P (powerful), N (Normal), C (Customize) and Eco Mode. In Eco Mode, daily electricity consumption is cut by 15% by controlling maximum performance such as traveling speed and lift speed.
  • Operation Customizing System
  • Central Management System for hydraulic system and traveling system
  • Improved Vehicle Stability
  • Anti-slipping control
ModelLoad CapacityLoad CenterOverall WidthOverall LengthOverhead Guard HeightOperating Aisle Width 
(J-)K2R1-L10U1000 kg500 mm990 mm1035 mm1995 mm2520 mmEnquire
(J-)K2R1-L12U1200 kg500 mm990 mm1035 mm1995 mm2540 mmEnquire
(J-)2R1-L12U1200 kg500 mm1090 mm1070 mm1995 mm2575 mmEnquire
(J-)Y2R1-L12U1200 kg500 mm1090 mm1070 mm2495 mm2585 mmEnquire
(J-)2R1-L15U1500 kg500 mm1090 mm1160 mm1995 mm2670 mmEnquire
(J-)2R1-L18U1800 kg500 mm1090 mm1165 mm1995 mm2715 mmEnquire
(J-)Y2R1-L15U1500 kg500 mm1090 mm1160 mm2495 mm2715 mmEnquire
(J-)Y2R1-L18U1800 kg500 mm1090 mm1255 mm2495 mm2795 mmEnquire
(J-)2R2-L20U2000 kg500 mm1190 mm1285 mm2050 mm2815 mmEnquire
(J-)2R2-L25U2500 kg500 mm1190 mm1285 mm2050 mm2865 mmEnquire
J-2R2-L30U3000 kg500 mm1230 mm1390 mm2050 mm2970 mmEnquire
(J-)Y2R2-L20U2000 kg500 mm1190 mm1285 mm2550 mm2865 mmEnquire
(J-)Y2R2-L25U2500 kg500 mm1190 mm1325 mm2550 mm2915 mmEnquire
J-Y2R2-L30U3000 kg500 mm1230 mm1490 mm2550 mm3105 mmEnquire
RX Series Stand-up